Job Interview Tips

  1. Get clear directions to the interview site and arrive on time—or early—for your meeting. You may want to do a little plaanning ahead and visit the interview site before hand so that you can plan on where to park, estimate drive times, etc
  2. When you pack your bag for the interview, be sure to put in a few copies of your resume, a pen, note pad, and that list of questions you want to ask. Also bring samples of your work, if you have any, that illustrates your writing skills or other areas of expertise.
  3. Your interview starts the minute you walk in the company's front door and lasts until you exit that door. So, keep your best foot forward from start to finish. Remember, you will not get a second chance to make a, "first impression". Smile, especially when you first meet the interviewer(s). That first impression will stick in the manager's mind for a long time.
  4. There's nothing like a confident handshake! The right amount of tension in your grip is important—not too tight, not too limp. Eye contact is actually a form of communication and it has a magical ability to build rapport.
  5. So, make eye contact with your interviewer, both when you're talking and when he's talking.
  6. Be honest, even if that means saying you don't know something or you don't have a particular experience. At some point, you may need to say something like: "No, I've never done that, but here's why I know I can do it, or why I think I'd be very good at it."
  7. When introduced to potential co-workers, be friendly. Your interviewer may be watching to see how you interact with his staff and may later ask employees how they liked you.
  8. Send a thank you letter as soon as your interview is completed. After all, the employer took a chunk out of his day to give you a chance to win a job, so this is the time for you to say "thanks" —in writing.