Dreaded Interview Questions

Dreaded Interview Questions

If you want some practice in answering both traditional and behavior-based questions, here are some interview questions that might be asked of an applicant going for a position at any level in an organization.

Read each question and then say your answer outloud to yourself. Practice giving smooth, complete answers just as if you were in an interview with a prospective employer.

Here's the Suggested Answers From the Interview Experts

After you answer a question, click on it to read more about what Interview Experts suggest should be in your responses.

1. Could you please tell me about yourself?

2. What are your long- and short-term career goals?

3. Outside of work, what are some of the things you do?

4. What strengths do you bring to this job that other candidates might not?

5. Do you consider this a lateral or vertical career move?

6. Why do you want to leave your current position?

7. Why did you leave your last job?

8. Please explain why you have a gap in your employment history.

9. Of all the problems you had at your previous position, which was the hardest to deal with, in your opinion?

10. What project required you to work under pressure? And what were the results?