Interview Question 3

Tell me about a time when you had to resolve or reduce conflict.

Read the answers below and click on your choice to see if that answer is what employers are looking for in an interview.

A. I really do not like conflict and would prefer not to be involved in situations in which conflict exists. Just the other day I was talking with several co-workers about of one the many conflicts that are going on in our office, and I commented that I wasn't going to get involved in any more trauma for sure.

B. I am going to talk about a time when I had to intervene between two co-workers who spent considerable time arguing, and this constant arguing interfered with my ability to complete my assignments. I asked the co-workers if I could speak with them privately for a moment, and, when they agreed, I shared with them that there are individual differences among us all and that their differences were not extraordinary. I also shared with them that we all had important work to do and that our workdays were really about the work rather than the people. They seemed to understand and appreciate this and were able to manage their differences better, and the result was that our productivity, both mine and theirs, improved dramatically after that intervension.

C. I have been involved in so many conflicts over the years that I hardly know where to start. If you are asking for just one specfic example, I can tell you about the time I intervened when two co-workers were arguing all the time. All I can tell you is that I became involved and then the situation improved. Sometimes I just have a calming effect on people.