Types of Scholarships

Here is a representative list which we have provided them in order to get started:

1) College Specific they've been granted admission and the college really wants the student to select them;

2) Athletic Scholarships – every year the NCAA awards between 1 –2 billion dollars to approximately 125,000 Division I and II student athletes;

3) Academic Scholarships;

4) Departmental Scholarships – a student has done extensive work, probably Advanced Placement coursework, in French literature, Organic Chemistry; Calculus II etc. and is being recruited by a particular department in a university or college;

5) Artistic Accomplishment;

6) Private Corporations where you or your spouse may or may not be employees. But be aware that private sector scholarships only accounts for 7% of all awarded and the average amount is $2,000.

7) Regional Businesses, Unions, Chambers of Commerce, Fraternal Organizations (e.g. Rotary, Elks, Kiwanis, Jaycees) may all seek to sponsor a selected candidate not only for recruitment purposes, but to be affiliated with what they see as a guaranteed future success story;

8) Religious Organizations, especially if your family is of the same denomination;

9) Military Organizations, ROTC, VA Benefits 

We've just skimmed the surface of areas of scholarship potential. Many search engines identify and describe hundreds of thousands of opportunities. This is a tool to help you become aware of what's out there as well as align them with the closest matches.