More About FAFAS and PROFILE

 The FAFSA, in conjunction with the College Scholarship Service’s PROFILE, the application for institutional funding, are collectively the backbone for determination of aid awarded.

One thing that must be emphasized, it is imperative that you apply every year.  Not only to meet the requirements and submission dates of annual renewal for all forms of aid received, but also if you are denied one year, the eligibility can change radically.   In sum, if needs change, your need-based aid will change in kind. Never assume you are ineligible for need-based aid.

Some Important Turns in the Road

The U.S. Department of Education makes understanding the difference between dependent or independent status very clear and an imperative to know especially as the ranks of college are filling with non-traditional students. If status changes over the course of the college career, it will unquestionably affect financial aid. 

Within two to four weeks of your FAFSA submission, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR).