4-Step Process For Scholarships

One team of experts breaks down the process into four steps: 
  1. Organize.  Don't miss scholarship application deadlines; 

  2. Prioritize.  Apply for the scholarships you believe to be the best match in accordance with their intrinsic values and fundamental beliefs; 

  3. Match message to audience.  This is a key difference. You will have to carefully review the mission and goals of the funding organization as well as the particular stipulations of what the award in question means and assess how closely they come to meeting this very specific criteria; 

  4. Know Yourself.  In fact, to accomplish these tasks you must know yourself very well, and if you’ve taken the career and education assessments and received feedback, you will be significantly ahead of the pack. This is where the criteria of honestly evaluating the opportunity and self-knowledge becomes invaluable. Contact a SCC Counselor for additional assessment debriefing or for guidance.