Prior Learning Credit

You May Already Have College Credit

You may be surprised to know that your learning OUTSIDE the traditional classroom may allow you to earn valuable credit towards your degree. If your prior learning sufficiently matches the courses offered at a college, you may be able to gain course credit and be on your way to acquiring your degree!

What Exactly Is Outside the Traditional Classroom?

As a student, you can earn credit for college-level knowledge acquired in work and life experiences. In other words, what you know and can already do may earn you college credit. This may include formal or informal on-the-job training, work experience, independent study, awards, serious hobbies, honors and other recognition.

What Is My First Step?

Perhaps the easiest way to help you understand more about prior learning is to take our quick Three-Minute PLA Quiz . You could already be on your way to receiving valuable college credit!

You May Discover You Are an Excellent Candidate for Prior Learning

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