Job Application Tips

Too many people forget how powerful a job application can be in the interview process.

The typical applicant stops by a company or business, picks up an application, and tries to fill it out from memory. A good applicant, however, will take dates of employment, employers' addresses, phone numbers and the name of a contact person at that company.

Also, don't forget appropriate information for your Personal Reference section on the application. Never ask the secretary if you can use her telephone book to look up the phone numbers of your references. Go prepared!

Suggestions to Help You Be Organized and Accurate on a Job Application

  • Include only positive information on applications.
  • Stop by early and pick up an application and complete it at home
  • Transfer all data to the application neatly, without mistakes
  • Double check: is all information neat, complete and accurate?
  • Read and follow all instructions
  • Do not try to fill out an application from memory; take dates, phone numbers, etc.
  • Use blue or black ink